Paul's First Marlin!

They say that you've got to earn your first marlin and Paul can definitely say he has done that!

He drove to Waihau (one day round trip!) and Hokianga where he missed the biggest striped marlin I've ever seen, as well as putting a few days in locally this year. He has never given up and finally this week his moment came!

Heading back from the Hook in some green water in about 180m, a stripy came in a whacked the DS on the long corner, before popping out the Trojan on the short rigger, and then nailing the Bonze D Shackle on the rigger on 15kg. With only the two of us on Provider there was a scramble to clear the gear and then we were off in pursuit! 

The D shackle has produced quite a few fish this year, and once again it produced the goods!

Yeehaa - Paul hard on the wind

It is always a bit of a buzz fighting fish on 15kg you really have to drive hard on the fish and the angler has to do a lot of winding and play the fish well. It was a long tustle and this fish dogged down deep a lot of the fight, finally we got him boat side and this fish was coming home for the smoker!

A very happy Paul!


Stoked for ya bro!

Back at the clubhouse it went 101kg - a great effort on 15kg and a new club record!