100pd Hapuka and a mean day out with good mates

At the last minute on Tuesday I saw a bit of an opening  and called Owen up 7.30pm "bro shall we go for a puka hunt."  Owen didn't take much convincing at all, and I put in a call to  Tony Carpenter who was back in NZ at the mo after his record breaking stint overseas - yep keen as mustard.

We launched from Whiti and soon had two tanks of slimeys loaded in the live thanks


Felt good to be back on the briny in good company


BushBilly in his element - got to say this RH690 is a sweet ride that punches through the sea very nicely We mooched around a bit of deep foul known to hold a few this time of year, Tony and I took turns on the helm so Owen could get amongst the action,  Owen's first ever puka and the first for CoroKing

JM350 bent as



Boom, yeah Owen! What a fish - 24kg



And another PB - this one 28kg



Big T got some time on the rail too - is that your knuckles getting dusted Tony?



Tony stoked to be back into some Kiwi goodness



It was turning into a hell of a day, awesome conditions, good company and some good kai coming on board to feed a few families

I was plugging away with a CD tournament bent butt and a Boulders old Avet T-RX I bought off him last year.Tony lined up the next drift and the next one had me in some serious trouble! Peeling line off the T-RX on some serious drag, and, with no gimbal - it was hurting somewhat!  Fair bit of squealing, and Tony backing down hard on this fish which was heading in whatever direction it wanted - man, anyone who says puka don't fight - these fish I reckon are the ultimate!!  Back was starting to ache lifting it up and a doozy popped to the surface!


It hurt!


46.9kg weighed back on land on Tony's IGFA scales



It was 1pm now and with plenty of good eating on board we called it quits with the fish still biting, it was inshore to check on the scallies at Optio, in no time Owen had his fill

What a great day on a mean ride!  You can tell Owen is just in his element on this boat, and will go on to do some amazing things.  Good luck bro!