A mean feed to celebrate a great man!

Two weekends ago we held a private seafood dinner with friends and family to celebrate a great man - my dad - and reminisce on some good times with him and plenty of funny stories. Dad has been bravely fighting a brain tumour and the night helped raise a few funds towards his non Pharmac funded drugs. 


I thought I might share a few piccies from the hunting and gathering and eventual feed for the dinner we had as the Nadz the chef deserves some big kudos for what ended up being a truly epic night celebrating the old man, who himself just loves catching a feed and feasting on some good kaimoana.


Here he Dad is in his day slaying it at the Barrier...




There was only one man to call on when I said I needed some hapuku for the occasion and so Boulder joined me on a nice spell the week before to hunt down some puka, I couldn't catch a thing to save myself, lucky I brought Boulder along with his new electric reel he did the business nabbing this one over the 30kg mark.  Couple of other nice ones dropping off (too much power?) into the fight.  Boulder also produced the kingfish for the sashimi while my lines went untouched. Good thing I brought him along, he certainly had the touch!


Made sure I produced the goods on the next occasion

Few stray lining sessions produced some nice snapper for canapés



Had some sword still nice and freshly vac packed in the freezer, and mate brought up some paua from down south. Coming together...


Next up was some bugzzzzz. Early part of the week saw me hunting up Hot Water Beach. Man, so many females in berry to let go, but managed some nice males. Hands off kids….they for important dinner





Called in the big guns for the last day, Darrell and John from Dive Zone Whiti came down to Tairua for the day.  As they say, "Failure is not an option"

Decided to do what I should have done at the start of the week, dropped in on my old faithful rock very close to home and LOADED, some nice males and packies everywhere!!  Wicked nice and full catch bag on my dive while the boyz were off gassing then they cleaned up next dive. Done deal!


My job done, now all in the hands of the man, Nadz from Shells!  Time for a party :-)

There is only one man to make sure the night came together with good humour, good stories and flowed well, highly recommend Mike King, the guy is the consummate professional


Now for what you're about to see here. I've got to take my hat off to Nadz at Shells, he closed his restaurant for the night to help put this event on, and only for a small fee for his labour.   The food you are about to see here is obviously not typical dishes at Shells but you get the feeling for the calibre of chef that runs the joint, most people commented they'd never had food like his in Auckland let alone sleepy old Tairua.  Truly world class and a fitting tribute for the old man (who is still raving about the paua and crayfish)


1st course - Kingfish ceviche with cilantro cream



2nd course - Paua ravioli with a saffron beurre blanc  (this was the business!!!)




3rd course - Crayfish medallion with potato fondants and curry oil



4th course - Chargrilled broadbill sword fish with a mango and paw paw salsa



5th course - Prosciutto wrapped Hapuku with a wild mushroom risotto 

What a cool night and so many laughs it was just wicked.  Good example I think of how seafood and fishing bring people together even when you are dealt a bit of crap. Dad has always talked about having a good old hooly before he goes, hopefully he has plenty more fight in him, but if it was his last knees-up it was a bloody good one!


Good way to pay tribute to a great man who has instilled a love in fishing, diving and the importance of having some good times with your loyal friends and family along the way.