Bluenose mission

Have been talking with Naki boys Willis and James for a while now about getting out on their Surtees 'Ranger'

Finally a weather window came together and we hatched a plan to head wide of the Barrier and load up on some Bluenose

Caught up at home on Thursday night, Tony Carpenter was in the 'hood and we all caught up for a pre mission feed of smoked marlin pie and swordfish. 

With a 3am start, she was pretty dark heading north with cloud cover and a bit of left over slop, the Navpilot made things a lot easier and the OceanLed's set the mood, sweet as


Took a few drifts, which equates to a lot of winding (or button pressing for the electric reel brigade) before we got on to some real good sign, but as they say the sounder doesn't lie.  Manual LF gain, adjuring clutter and interference rejection and mean as read in 400+ on the TZ Touch


Tony marking some fish on the TZ



The bluenose turned their noses up to fresh squid, but luckily I'd chucked some fresh koheru on board from a recent trip to the Aldies, and that got snaffled up real quick by the Blue nose. They'd ignore the squid on top and bottom hook every time in favour of the koheru on the middle hook, didn't catch a single on on the squid.


Pretty soon these fellas were poppin up

Bluenose for dinner

Ended up with a good haul, mainly this size

Cheers to Willis, James and Tony for a mean as day! The Surtees rode like a dream, and Willis has it kitted out to the max, its a real comfy boat to fish from with the enclosed hard top.

Catch you boys in the Naki some time