Bonze Lures

I love seeing people who do what they love, love what they do, and are exceptionally good at what they do.

Bonze is one of those people.

Ever since he was a young fella, Bonze has been making lures and learning from the best skippers around the world. He has turned that passion into New Zealand's best example of a homegrown tackle brand. 

So he is the perfect person to follow and learn a bit more about how to successful catch marlin - something he has done all around the world on his own lures.

Over the years I've amassed a fair collection of Bonze lures, and it would be rare that I don't run a full spread of these awesome creations.

The Apache has always been a favourite bite sized aggressive lure to run on the long rigger, producing a heap of stripeys for us out of Tairua

The Trojan is an awesome short rigger lure, which sits in there and as the name says works hard all day


The D Shackle proved to be an awesome shotgun lure this year, rigged with Bonze's light gauge hooks.


The Hercules is another straight running lure like the D shackle which just keeps producing the goods


The DS (Ballistic) is an animal you could watch all day has produced the goods as well and is a favourite lure to run off the long corner


And the Bonze Volcano teaser and Bonze dredge help bring them up!