Carpenter Lures

One of the biggest buzzes as a fishermen is getting a fish to eat an artificial lure. It that is a lure that is on the surface then even better!

There is nothing quite like a big fish coming in behind a lure in fall sight, and then the eruption of white water as it smashes what it thinks is a wounded fish.

One of my favourite forms of fishing these days is stick baiting for kingfish. As far as stick baits for kingfish go they don't get much better than the Carpenter range of stick baits, imported into New Zealand by YeeHaa Fishing Tackle. The finish, the weighting of the lure, how it swims and most importantly how they catch BIG fish!

They simply catch more kingfish than any other stick baits I've tried. I've had the pleasure of having the master Konishi San - who hand makes Carpenter lures on the boat, and he is the ultimate purist - he will cast from sunup to sunset, and watch that lure intently the whole day.

It was a bit of a buzz to hear him day that Pumpkin Reef out of Tairua is one of his favourite places to cast.