Christening the Provider!

After selling up my charter boat earlier in the year, I had been on the look out for a similar but smaller boat to fish out of myself. My Senators had treated me well and were great fishing and diving machines, and 15,000+ combined hours on all my Yammies - yep I wanted a Yammie but something that sucked a little less juice. So a RH620+Yammie 150HP is what I had my heart on.

The name I had in mind for it - The Provider - mainly because my adventures on it were going to be all about going out and getting a feed for the family.

Knock me down - when I finally found the boat I wanted on Trade Me - it was called Provider! Freaky! It was meant to be.

The time came to pick it up and good fishing buddy Paul and I decided to christen it, first with a few greenies, then with a few fish...

Seems right for the first thing to come aboard was some crayfish, pre Christmas is the perfect time to get into some nice bugs, no berry or soft shell, just great hunting

A few scallies were next on the agenda, bingo Opito provided with some monsters! All in about 14m south end

And of course it wouldn't be right to christen the boat without a good old kingi session out at the Pins! We shot out with a few baits and a few jigs and boom! Into some fat December models!

After a wee bit of time off the water it was nice to hear the Stellas scream and get the rods loaded up.

Paul got into some nice kings on Blue jigs

Some for sashimi and a few smokers for the Tairua Butchery to smoke up for the family

Yep - thats a wrap Provider is officially blooded!