Furuno Marine Electronics

When you've made a living out of putting people on fish day in and day out, you come to appreciate the importance of good marine electronics.

My last three boats have all featured Furuno electronics and they have delivered the goods time and time again. 

Furuno's big difference in comparison to other sounders is their fish finding capability. Over the years they have developed the best fish finding technology. It is all well and good to see the bottom in 500m, but you want to be able to mark fish and know what you are looking at. 

Over the years, their interface has evolved but one thing has stayed the same - ease of use! The new TZ Touch is so easy to use, mark bait balls on your sounder which overlay on your plotter, and then drive straight back to them. 

Above: Kingis between two layers of bait


Above: Marking a tightly packed school of trevally, with kings out to the side

Above: A hapuka (vertical stack) being caught and wound off the bottom (see other hapuka there)

Above: Working the Whanga trench hard for a marlin. Got em! (See the temp changes and breaks on the track line)

When I brought my latest boat it had a 10 year old FCV700 in it with a 600watt transducer. Even this basic transducer can read 400m (in Low Frequency with the gain trimmed right up). Bingo - bluenose!

If you're serious about fishing - you want Furuno because it delivers the good!