October 2013 Madness! BIG Hapuka and Top Water Kingfish

October is always a good time to be out fishing. This year has been no exception with a very nice patch of Hapuka producing some awesome catches, and plenty of kingfish cruising nice and high in the water column making for some sweet top water fishing! It has meant an awesome month of fishing and an equally good month of eating some quality fish!

Atis got amongst them on a Boulder Guiding trip - one of the best fish of the month on a yellow eye mullet frame!

As did the big fella - on a live maccie


Does it get any better than big tasty hapuka?

Monster hapuka for Buck on a koheru!

Jamie - yeah mate!

And a trip I will never forget with Si and the boys!


October is usually a time for monster kingfish and good top water fishing and this year was no exception. One trip that will stick out in my mind is with Normie, Jono and the boys, after a week getting plenty of fish up at the Mercs, we fished the Aldies on their last afternoon and got monstered!

Good old Carpenter Gamma at it again!


Always a pleasure fishing with the Balls Deep Fishing Adventure crew and jigging produced the goods for them again, plus some nice puka on livies


And we got our fish on with Mandy and the team!