Winter 2013 Highlights! 40kg kingi with Mark Kitteridge, fishing with ET & some big Puka

The last couple of months have produced some pretty awesome highlights. Top of the list was fishing with a guy who was a bit part of my inspiration for fishing growing up - Mark Kitteridge.   Mark is one of NZ's most prolific writers and came out to do a story with NZ Fishing News. On board was fishing magnet Kezza from Shimano and the local plod Matt! The morning was a little slow up north but we hit the Aldies and things went BOOM!

Kezza hooked up!

Matto with a nice one!

Mark did the honours fittingly with the biggest kingfish I have seen and we reckon easily over the 40kg mark. Mark released the fish to fight another day.

Inshore things have been fishing pretty well with plenty of nice snapper on soft baits in around Boat Harbour - few landmarks there under my arm :-)

The Kiwi Fishing crew sent some keen boys out and it was the first sign of the kingfish coming a bit higher in the water column with one real nice one which we released

And the man himself - ET - got out for a fish with us. It was a pleasure to meet this humble icon of Rugby League and very keen fisho - he made sure we invite a young fella out for a fish one day and young Jack a Tairua local cleaned up with some very nice kingish - good times!


We had the first sign of the hapuka turning up with some solid fish caught in the last few weeks of Sept