Autumn 2007 Kingfish Jigging Action at the Aldie Pins

We've done a few missions wide to the Aldermen Pins lately and found the kingfish stacked up high off the reefs out there. Some have dominated us! But we've managed to put some nice fish in the bin and release plenty of others. All the action has been on jigs. It has been wicked to take good mates Carl Edwards, Brett Collins and Ben Allen all out for a blast on these hard fighting green and gold machines, at the Aldermen Pins! You beaut!

I also had the chance to have a days fishing up out of Kuaotunu with good mate Chalky and my father Graham. We were supposed to be fishing the Kuaotunu Snapper Competition, but with that blown out, and with a ton of bait and burley already defrosted we decided to fish anyway. Not far off the Kuaotunu boat ramp we got stuck into some solid kingfish and were back home by 10am, so much for getting rid of that bait and burley aye!