2008 Nov/Dec Report - 20lb snapper and insane kingfish jigging

Things don't get much sweeter than taking your good mates out and putting them on quality fish! Our mate Geza was back from the UK and together with Mark, Carl and Jimmy we had a day to remember at the pins! Kings chewing hard on jigs! Geza knocked over a nice one on livie on the coast in the morning too!

The last couple of months have been awesome, I had the privilege of having gamefishing guru Bonze down out of Tairua for two days of marlin seminars, and got him out for a jig as well, good times! 

There have been some really nice snapper in the 20-30m around Slipper Island back towards Tairua, softbaits fished deep have been the ticket to some nice 15-20lb fish.