Spring 2009 - Big 35kg kingfish on 15kg line, 20lb snappers, and insane spring action

Well I've seen some of the craziest fishing ever over the last few months! There has been another level of fish turn up altogether at the Aldies, and some big barrels amongst them.

Devlin Hill knocked over the fish of a lifetime a beast of a 35kg king on 15kg mono - a real beast that just smoked line off a Shimano Speedmaster like nothing else! What a fish magnet this guy is, straylinging livies down on light gear and catching 20lb snapper one after the other!

It has been interesting to see just how many of these real big kingfish are holding out off the edge of the structure, and most of the 30kg fish have come jigging (actually very rare fishing live baits this time of year, the jigging is just so good)