Winter Fatties - Tairua Kingis to 30kg, Mercury Island Snappers and wicked winter fishing

You've had to pack the winter woolies over the last few months, but braving the conditions has been rewarding with some quality fishing, and plenty of nice kaimoana for the table.

Just recently, the snapper at the Mercs have been on fire and I got up there on my mate Pete's boat, the Innkeeper and we had a blast diving and stray lining Great Mercury.

Fish magnet Mick Johnson has been out with me a few times and man this guy is so keen, you wouldn't know he'd recently broken his back snowboarding lol ! The guy can go all day!

Some days you've had to work to get the bite on the kingfish and really mix things up, often the fish will hit the jigs just off the bottom vs the rest of the year when they are more hitting mid water, but several fish have made it into the 30kg club including Jarad and Tom - well done fellas!

Hayley, Mike and Pete had a blast on the kings as well - bringing some usual Sydneysider keenness to the deck!