Autumn 2010 - Aldermen Pins Kingfish jigging and some Tairua salt water flyfishing

It has been a little hard to get the marlin out of the head, but there has been plenty of kingfish action to keep things interesting!  The G Spot has really fired up, with a good eddy of water coming in as it usually does at the tail end of the season, and a good southerly current hitting there.

Been great to fish with guys I largely know having fished with them before, Kim and the Singapore boys smashed it out of the park with some great popper fishing and fly fishing inside Slipper Island and around Pauanui, then on to the Aldermen Donkeys.

The very large Mako we estimated at over 400kg kept things quiet at the pins for a week until we decided to tow it away….hmmm, maybe it towed us.. Gazza and the boys played this beast for 7hrs on a Stella (a massive effort!) until we called it quits and it earnt its freedom about 10 miles away!

Paul and the Sydney boys smashed fish up to 30kg at the Pins, then we discovered a large reef on the way back from Cuvier we fished for the first time dubbing it "Crackerjack" due to Jerry snapping his second rod of the week there, a nice quad hook up the first time ever dropping there has me thinking 'Ill be back!"