The ultimate day! Marlin on Jig Rod and awesome kingi jigging and soft bating to boot!

Day's don't get much better!

First thing in the morning I am sitting having breakfast with Mike and Hayley "What shall we do today." …."We'll got catch a marlin on a Stella, get a few kings and maybe have a snapper fish" hahaha...

Well worth out a word of a lie thats what we did.

We fished the G Spot first of all, and found the kings hitting metal, released all the fish we caught, planed out, had the lures in 10 minutes when the fish came in and smashed Mike's PE5 Jigging Master reel, on a Three Kings 300, we planed that down, stuck a tag in it and then went and got some nice snappers in at Shark Alley at the Aldermens, before finishing up with a hot session at the Slipper Pin, tagging another 30 kingfish.

Amazing day? You bet! And top company to boot.