Big Bass & Solid Kingfish - Jan 2012

What better way to see the New Years in than with a keen jigging crew! I had a crew of very keen Japanese jig fishermen out at the crack of dawn on New Years day and it was interesting to see them jigging with gear I'd never seen before - the results were impressive! 

Once in a while a fish comes along that blows your mind and seeing a 56kg bass pop up beside the boat this month would definitely fall into that category. It was no match for the Jigging Master PE10 and Jigging Master Amberjack sniper - cheers for the combo Mike!

Dropping some lives in 200m + this time of year you never know what you are going to hook into

Livies have also been flavour of the month for the kingfish, and any reef with some southerly aspect has been the ticket to some good action lately out of Tairua.