Insane Spring Action - Kingfish and Big Snapper!

Well October started off with a hiss and a roar with the same crew who did the 100 kingfish in a day last year joining me for another week of it.

The kingi bite was pretty mental, releasing 50+ fish most days, and this time they brought lady luck - Chloe, and she managed to get a horse of a 30kg kingfish on stick bait on the new Carpenter set up - BOOM!

The Balls Deep crew were back and smashed them on jigs. 

We had a mean week of loading all three lives tanks up to the brim and feeding them to some lump kingfish on the western side of the pins - just mental fishing with the avg fish all in the 20kg - 30kg range

Man, there have been some nice snapper around too, with several 20 pound plus fish coming from the deep over the last few weeks.