Jan 2011, Striped Marlin, Big Kingfish and Big Snapper

What a cool month, the last month fishing in my Stabicraft. It has provided some amazing fishing experiences in its 5000+ hours on the water, and its last month was no exception.

The days have been balmy, with glass calm waters and big kingfish cruising mid water, often with 20pound snapper feeding off the carnage below.

Highlight of the month was taking too fellas who have become good fishing buddys out for a marlin, and hooking up within the first hour up at the Hook - Ski and Phil landing their first marlin on the Bonze Apache! YeeHaa!

Also had the pleasure of fishing with the maker of Carpenter Lures - Konishi San! Just amazing to see him cast, and cast, ….and cast! They are amazing lures for sure.