Nationals 2011 - Marlin Magic!

We had another really productive Nationals this year, lots of ups and downs as part of it though, it was pretty sad to lose Anthony through it half way due to the Christchurch Earthquake, thank goodness his family were all safe. 

The first weekend saw a mean bite going on at the Hook, and we went 5-4-1 on stripeys on the second day, dropping one for Marcus at the boat, then tagging one for Mick (his first marlin). There was just the craziest patch of fish there, and something like 100+ hook ups on that day.

We did it hard for the remaining days the fish went into shut down mode, making up for it with some light tackle fun on the kingfish and snapper, until we had a blinder on the marlin on the last day, with a wide open bite again, and we had two marlin in the boot by midday on the last day of the Nationals - a Blue Marlin for George and a Striped Marlin for Mick.

It was one of those magic days with everyone buzzing and in a positive mood, and we did all of 20 minutes trolling for both fish - crazy!

All three marlin in the Nationals coming on the Bonze Apache, it is proving to be the lure of the season!