Waihau Bay Gamefishing Trip 2013

With an easterly blowing into Tairua, and the word that the marlin had turned up at Waihau Bay, Tony and I loaded up Gamechaser and gapped it to Waihau Bay.

What a cool place Waihau is, a quick ten minute blast out and we were in the zone to put the lures out.

Two hours in on the first day we marked some bait out of Raukokore in 250m + and boom - a blue marlin came up on the Bonze Volcano teaser. Tony pulled the teaser in and next thing it was up on the Hercules and we were hooked up. This Blue Marlin went spastic, and unfortunately ended up dying. We put some serious hurt on the CD bent butt 37kg rod and started lifting it up before the hooks pulled. 

Next day we found the bait closer to home, worked it hard, and had a stripey up on the same lure - BOOM hooked up! A very cool fight from this angry fish and we had our first Waihau Bay marlin for Gamechaser - very cool!