Awesome Spring Kingfish Jigging and Top Water Action

Wow! What a week! The switch definitely got flicked on the Coromandel kingfish action this week. For the last few weeks the bait has been amassing high in the water column and this week a fresh patch of fat fish piled in for a feast. The water was littered with scales as kingfish hit feast mode.  I had three kingfish charters lined up, with three crews that timed the weather and fishing action to perfection!


We had three awesome flat days, the first two days at Mayor Island which was on fire, and finishing up at the Aldies before the latest storm kicked in. 


The first day we took out a tank full of koheru, which got devoured in the first hour, then it was on for young and old on jigs, some of the best jig fishing I have seen in a few years, with all four guys hooked up and kingfish smashing jigs right at the boat. I had a stash of Depth Charge jigs from JigStar and they worked a treat, with the kingfish piling all over them.  The trusty pink Benthos was another stand out performer.


The best day saw two Aussies, Rick and Ben on board. They had called as they set off on a motor home trip the week before with their wives and kids and booked the whole boat out for a day. “What are the chances of getting a kingi?” they asked? By midday the tally read 30 between the two of them, 25 on jigs and 5 on stickbaits. I told the boys to have a cast while I set the jigs up on the first drift and no sooner than they hit the water, than their stickballs got INHALED! Next drift the same! Then it was on for young and old on jigs every drop, all solid spring fish in mint condition. The Furuno New Zealand TZ was loaded with big bait balls and individual kingis around them all day long. The boys came back home for a well deserved DB Export and we filleted up some nice snapper and kingis for the family to enjoy on their NZ adventure. A bit more shared around town and plenty released to fight another day. 


I’ve been testing out the new Maxel Rage 90N on board Provider this week, it is a weapon of a reel and I will have a review up soon.

I’ve got a few gaps over the next couple of months, so call me on 021 227 4354 if you’d like to get amongst the kingfish action.