The Perfect Day Out Wide Deep Dropping for Bluenose & Bass

Spotting a nice 5 knot variable window, I put a post up on Facebook looking for some last minute crew. Tom, Ryan and Darryn were all takers. We blasted out with the sun popping over the horizon and you could just tell it was going to be one of those ‘out of the bag’ days.

We were heading to one of my favourite spots out wide, a reef coming out of 410 metres, reaching 340m on its high point, and on arrival we could see a good school of fish on the Furuno sounder, all stacked down the west side of the reef.

Ryan and Darryn didn’t take long to get into em!


Some really nice size bluenose started popping up.


Bluenose would have to be one of the tastiest fish in the ocean and we’d hit the jackpot today, lots of small bass and big bluenose.


I called last drop and the Shimano Status buckled over on a really big fish. Tom had his work cut out for him, winding this big fish up from 360m but pretty soon a big fish exploded out the back of the boat - a monster bass! We had out fish of the day, and it was time to head back to Provider base for a good old fillet session. All the frames were given away, the wings smoked, and the fillets all packed away for the whanau to enjoy.