Bluenose from the Deep with Team Furuno

Good mate Ben Allen aka Pies bid a good amount of coin on a fishing charter we put up for the Massey Rugby Club and Jonesy Foundation a while back, for a couple of great causes at their annual fundraising lunch.

We finally teed up a time to get out and do the charter, Pies brought out some clients and mates, and with a great forecast headed out wide in search of Bluenose. That forecast ended up turning into a fair old sou east slop, but just wide of Cuvier, the clouds parted, the rain stopped, the wind dropped off, and we had some glassy seas as we looked on the Furuno in 300m+ for bluenose.

The boys were kitted out with electric reels, which made the day so much easier and enjoyable!

Pies invited along Furuno New Zealand and ENL Managing Director Gareth Hodson, and despite being a long time supporter of our business this was Taff’s first time on board Provider. He was stoked to see how well both the TZTouch with 1kw and the DB9 with TM150 chirp, performed in the deep.


Pies and Flavs were well stoked with their first few fish, we got straight into some really nice sized bluenose.


Taff had never caught a bluenose before, and he was well stoked to be buckled over on one next drop, what a way to start your bluenose deep drop career mate, a horse of 30kg!!


We spent the rest of the day catching Bluenose and gemfish of all shapes and sizes, and with a full bin of quality eating fish we headed back home to Tairua, with a few cleansing ales. The ocean had provided again. Kapai Tangaroa!