Brilliant Bluenose Fishing

We’ve been having some real special bluenose fishing lately!

April and May really are the best two months of the year, and so we’ve had quite a few dedicated bluenose charters ready to go on the nice windows over the last month.

Cuzzies of mine, Mark and Sam came out with some of their crew, decked out with four electrics reels, and really made the most of an amazing day on the ocean ,fishing deep in 300m+ up around Cuvier.


Mayor has produced some good bluenose fishing on the deep knolls as well. Our first trip of the season was an absolute ripper with Waz, Tony and crew really getting stuck into some good ones! Warren was using my old trusty Beastmaster and really got an amazing line of solid fish, good old manual winding styles!!


, Boulder, Mike and crew came out and gave it a good one, loading the bin with some good tucker! You can’t beat bluenose for eating!

Nothing is wasted on these fish. The heads and frames make the most beautiful rich stock. The wings and are beautiful smoked, and the fillets really deserve their accolade as the best eating fish out there.