Cruisy Day at the Aldies! Drones, Diving and Dope Fishcakes!

I’ve been talking for a while with Pete May aka The Flying Kiwi, and photographer Rach Stewart, about getting them out to the Aldies for the first time.

A nice little window popped up, so I put a call in, and got them out on the water. The plan was to gather just enough for a feed on the water - some dope fishcakes, with kumura and hopefully paua, kina and fish. Park up and get some epic drone footage of the Aldies.

The water was super clear, and as we cruised around Slipper Island, Pete capture some epic scenes!


As we ventured further afield a big pod of dolphins graced our presence


We hit the Aldies, and what better to do than don some wetsuits and get a few paua and kina!

aldermen islandscave.jpg

It might have been late May, but the water was super toasty and clear!


The Aldermen Islands are the remnants of a jurassic volcanic crater, one of the earliest sea volcanoes in New Zealand. The terrain is simply epic!


It was time for a feed! Paua, snapper and kina fish cakes - simply dope!