Father and Son Fishing Trip, 9 year old JC Bags some beautys

There is nothing better than seeing Dads bring their young fellas out and give them a taste of what the ocean is all about. Matt Goodman used to be our local cop, and last year moved down to Taranaki, his 9 year old young fella JC has been frothing to get back up and get his first kingfish. His 9th birthday was the perfect excuse to get up to Tairua for a few days, and the boys brought Drax and his son along on the adventure as well.

We did some miles up to the fish, with Cuvier being our chosen spot for the day. Once we were up there it didn’t take long before JC was well and truly buckled up on a big fish.

Three drops in a row JC hooked and landed three beautys, fully pulled hard on the rail each time experiencing the raw power of the mighty kingfish, and each one getting slightly bigger in size. He’d done well and it was time for a well earned rest while the others gave it a crack. What a solid effort JC good on ya mate! And good on Mum and Dad for getting you out there!