Feb and March Kingfish Charter Report

The start of Feb we had some providing to do, for an important Tairua occassion. Tairua and NZ TV legend Cocksy passed away at the start of Feb. He was an absolutely top man, who love his fishing (especially chasing kingis) and diving, and this town we call home. It only seemed fitting to get out and get a feed of kingfish for the celebration of his life that was planned in Tairua that week. With the easterlies blowing, the best choice was towing up to Coro, and we found a nice patch of kingfish up at the Happy Jacks, catching them slow trolling, and Spence and Dutchy jumped and nailed some on speargun while freediving as well.

Right now the water is nice and blue, there is good current pushing in from out wide, and you don’t have to go far at all to get in to some good kingi action!


I had another great day up Coro town with the We Fish boys and we nailed some nice kingfish on the slow troll, and some primo snapper in the mussel farms as well.

I had some US crew out the other day, the boys were relatives of keen Tairua spearo Rick Turner and were staying on Slipper Island for a wedding. After picking the boys up at Slipper we shot back into the Tairua harbour to find livies, as they were pretty scarce at Slipper. With a good full tank we shot out to the Aldies. Fishing out at G Spot we spotted three striped marlin feeding next to us, we couldn’t tempt them into biting a maccie though. We hit a great kingi bite hard up against one of the breaking rocks hard in close to the Aldies. We were slow trolling baits and next minute one of the guys is yelling - another fin! I looked up and sure enough a marlin had come in to check out the baits we were slow trolling for kingfish, in 15m of water! Next minute he had his full shoulders out of the water, and this was no stripey - it was a dirty BIG BLACK MARLIN, easily pushing 300kg!!! The biggest maccie in the tank was put out in a hurry on bigger gear and he came for a snif but would not take - what a buzz!! It was only a matter of time we saw a black like this given the water and bait that is around some of this ground!


Inshore spots like King Rock are on like Donkey Kong! I had Capt Cam at the helm of PROVIDER for the weekend recently and he got on to some real nice kings with Brett Heaven and crew


Young gun Dylan was in among the action the next day!


MacGregors has been firing hard, this breaking rock the at the Aldies can produce so crazy good fishing when the bait gets pushed hard in to the Aldies in the peak of summer, we’ve been having some blinders sessions in there, and a little further out jigging the G Spot has produced some solid ones as well. Adam and the boys enjoyed a few quiet Lion Reds in the sunshine while they caught hard scrapping kingfish in the shallows!