Good start to 2019 charters Big Hapuku and Kingfish with Two Fat Cats - Josh and Aaron from MKR

A few years ago Josh and Aaron aka Two Fat Cats got the to finals of NZ TV series MKR

They are Great New Zealanders that love getting out on the briny having a few beers, catching some fish and have a bell cooking it up afterwards - my type of fellas!

Aaron called up at Christmas time and convinced me to start back in to charters a day earlier, so he got the first charter of 2019 on PROVIDER. It turned out to be perfect timing…….!

The boys were staying at Cooks so I towed up and launched from Whiti. We loaded up on livies which were thick in Whiti and blasted up to Cuviver which is usually pretty good for hapuku and kingfish in the New Year.

Let’s just say it was all on! The TZ Touch was lit up! On the high point of the reef there were bait balls galore with kingis dotted around them. Out on the fringes of the reef there was a lot of hapuku sign on the Furuno TZ Touch. I will let the pictures tell the story of what went down….!!!