Ocean to Plate: Snapper and Kingfish cooked four ways at Tairua Beach Club

Cam, Johnny and Noah were out this weekend for their first blast on PROVIDER. Our goal was to get a good feed of snapper and kingfish for the maestro G at Tairua Beach Club to cook up for us that night, a bit of a trial for what we will do with clients in the coming months.

They were buzzing as we blasted through the jurassic group of rocks that is the Aldermen Islands.

Pretty soon both Noah and Jonny had their first kingis, Cam added some nice snapper to the mix, and it was time for a dive!


I love my cooking! But after a big day on the water, sometimes it is much easier to hand your catch over to someone else to work their magic with! And there is no better man to do that than Graeme at Tairua Beach Club! This restaurant is quickly developing the reputation as Tairua’s go to.

Here’s what G whipped up for us:


Lemon rissoto kingfish - one of the nicest rissotos I’ve had.


Lemon hollandaise snapper - epic!


Rounded out with some battered snapper and the nicest dish - a spicy Asian kingfish dish on rice….G’s specialty - a banger!