Recipe: Lobster Thermidor Tairua Style

LOBSTER THERMIDOR Tairua Styles for 2

After a few nights eating fresh crayfish, I usually crave something a bit richer, heres a great way to get the full flavour out of a crayfish!


>Smash up another cray body from the day before in olive oil in roasting pan
>Roast with white wine, keep smashing as it roasts
>Meanwhile steam a whole cray, split, put meat aside, keep the shell minus legs, joints, horns, eat those and put shells in the oven with rest
>Add the lil bit of liquid from steaming to oven tray with mustard, tomato paste and garlic, keep smashing, add boiling water or stock
>Sieve liquid from pan, and keep reducing, add some cream and keep reducing
>add cray meat, mix through sauce, spread through half shell then grill with a good cheese on top