Summer Spearfishing Freediving and Diving - Good Times on Provider

This year at Christmas I locked plenty of time away to spend in the water rather than on it!

I love my scuba diving, have done plenty of free diving for crays and paua over the years but have just taken up spearfishing, and the goal for Christmas and New Years was to shoot my first kingfish.

Good mate Spence had already cracker a 30kegger off just before New Years!


Gez Spence and I got out for a pre-New Years cray dive, and found plenty of goodness!


And I spent plenty of time with the fam chasing crays and scallops on scuba, the scallops are nice and big and fat! Tried a new trick, poaching them in cream, parmesan and garlic butter on the Weber - divine!!

The water out wide was really starting to look great, so it was time to get out and shoot my first kingfish! With me were gun local spearos Spence and Luke, we hit MacGregors, and I was just blown away with what I saw in the water, it really opened my eyes up to just how much bait is in some of these spots. It didn’t take long before a school of perfect size fish swum in front of the newbie and BOOM - I was in!

I’m just really fizzing on this new sport, it is such a buzz to be in the water with the fish you are targeting, it is mentally and physically challenging, and all about team work with your fellow spearos. Best of all it is very selective and there is no by catch at all. The perfect way to provide a fresh feed of fish for the family! We ate really well over the summer holidays!

Here’s a few more pics to show you what my family holidays were all about - good times with family and friends on the ocean. Provider not only of food, but good times!