Out Wide with Clarke Gayford and Fish of the Day

Good mate Mike Bhana and his sidekick and Clarke Gayford have been talking with me about getting out wide and filming a show for their TV series Fish of the Day for about a year.

Finally I saw a window that worked for everyone and we had a plan!

The plan was the run North and fish wide of Cuvier for Bluenose and hopefully we would get into some bass as well.

We picked a cracker of a day!


This was Clarke’s last outing before he was in lock down mode, his partner Jacinda is running for prime minister this weekend! He made the most of it first drop!


Next up, target species!


One of the things I love about deep water fishing is that you never know what you are going to get, we caught about six different species of fish through the day.

IMG_7902 (1).jpg

Final drop was called and Scott hooked into a real decent fish - and boom - a monster of a bass about 50kg.


Back to land for a big old fillet session on the Trailor Made heavy duty fillet bench and of course we had to fire up the BBQ and scoff some fresh fish in wide bread - just nectar!