Tairua is home to some of the world’s best temperate water scuba diving and spear fishing.

Lying 12 miles off the coast is the world class diving of the Aldermen Islands. This jurassic group of rocks and islands is the remnant of a volcanic eruption some 5 million years ago! The islands lie close to the continental shelf and are visited in summer by whales, manta rays, sharks and pelagic fish. Year round they are home to the colourful ray of New Zealand’s fish species, especially the colourful sanddaggers wrasse, eagle and stingrays, kingfish and snapper.

If hunting a feed of seafood is more your thing, we and chase crayfish, scallops, or spearfish for yellowtail kingfish and snapper on request.

Some of our best diving is close to home, with islands like Shoe, Castle, King Rock and Slipper Island all within minutes of Tairua harbour.

Check out some of our diving adventures from over the years, and get in touch if you’d like to come on a scuba diving or freediving adventure with us.